Luana Pierce Anaheim, CA
Luana Pierce

You helped me come up with a website I’m really, REALLY happy with!

Fred Entz Lethbridge, Canada
Fred Entz

As long as you keep on going, you don’t quit, they will be there.

Martha Goodrich Eireville, NY
Martha Goodrich

They’ve led me every step of the way… These guys are the bomb!



1 Identify your Passion

We challenge you to think beyond the money; let us guide you in building a lucrative, purpose-driven business, centered around your true passion in life.

  • Learn how you can turn your passion into a highly successful and fulfilling career.
  • Build your business full or part-time, on the side –while still taking care of your daily responsibilities.
  • Follow step-by-step video instructions in the community and engage with live training and support Monday thru Friday –never feel like you’re doing this alone.
  • Let our team take care of technical setup. No need to be a computer genius or have prior experience.

2 Build a Community

Learn how to leverage social media and build a THRIVING community of fanatical followers that know, like, & trust you.

  • Precisely target only your IDEAL customers & clients with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Become a BIG-TIME player in ANY niche even if you're on a "small business" budget.
  • Learn how to create viral content and grow your following EXPONENTIALLY.

3 Master Fundamentals

There is no "magic technique", "silver bullet", or e-Book that will instantly change your life and lead you to online business success. Internet marketing is no different than any other career or profession; in order to create a full-time, or even part-time income online, you must master the fundamental skills that are required to succeed and apply yourself consistently.

  • FACEBOOK: Learn how to leverage the internet’s hottest and most viral marketing channel to send waves of traffic to your business.
  • YOUTUBE: Master the art of creating quick, 2-minute videos for fun & profit.
  • BLOGGING/SEO: Get your website on the front page of Google following simple principles that anyone can learn.

4 Monetize your Market

Learn how to monetize ANY niche, and create a stable, secure, income-producing asset that you can count on.

We don't teach "fly by night", "blackhat" or any kind of short-lived marketing techniques. At Skillpay, you will learn how to deliver REAL value, create REPEAT BUYERS, and have your customers love you for it.

  • Follow a proven formula for "frictionless" selling –never come across as "pushy" or "salesy".
  • Apply the skills you learn to sell ANY product (high dollar or small) effectively to your IDEAL clients
  • Prosper without limits there is no cap on how large your business can grow.

5 90 Day Launch

Knowledge is useless without action, and accountability is the fuel that feeds your entrepreneurial fire.

Develop a PROSPERITY mindset, and learn how to set REALISTIC, achievable goals to accelerate your success.

  • Earn "Skill Points", achieve rankings, and have fun building a business you are truly passionate about.
  • Get recognized and receive awards for "PAYING-IT-FORWARD" and assisting others within the community.
Steve Terry New York, NY
Steve Terry

You guys are absolutely awesome!

Michael Cooperman Fort Lee, NJ
Michael Cooperman

This is what I wanted to do for a long time.

Thomas Gill Tucson, AZ
Thomas Gill

They seemed to be very legit, honest, straight-forward people.

Brad Foster Zeeland, MI
Brad Foster

This program has changed my life so much!

Christl Reeh Unionville, Canada
Christl Reeh

I thought I would never find anything worthwhile.

Omer Charest Brooks, Canada
Omer Charest

Honest and easy to work with.

Pursue your Passion

We challenge you to think beyond the money; let us guide you in building a lucrative, purpose-driven business centered around your true passion in life!

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